Following the success of the first SAFIR workshop TA’AROF which took place from  March 9-20th 2017 as part of the Sharjah Art Biennial 2016/2017, the TA’AROF workshop continues in October 2017 also in conjunction with SB13 as part of the SB13’s Off-site Project: Upon a Shifting Plate with the same participants in addition to five new SAFIR artists.

Participating SAFIR Artists: Noor Bahjat Al Masri, Mohamed Khayata,  Yamen Yousef, Alaa Sharabi, Juhayda Al Bitar, Anas Albraehe, Wissam Shaabi, Johnny Semaan, Nagham Alshoush, Dana Nafouri, Elias Ayoob.

Taking place in Beirut, the workshop starts off with SAFIR Workshop sessions for the artists, and then joins other artists and curators at SB13’sOff-site Project: Upon a Shifting Plate events at Ashkal Alwan.



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