About Us

SAFIR is the first initiative launched by MASSYR, a non-profit association established in Lebanon whose overall objective is to make tangible progress towards ensuring that Middle Eastern Art and Artists are well represented internationally.

SAFIR works to achieve this through a number of programs. The SAFIR Artist Program creates a collaborative network made up of contemporary artists, curators and mentors. Mentors are paired with artists to support in their capacity development specifically in the skills that they lack, thereby making them more competitive in the international art scene. Artists that apply for the SAFIR program receive expert support and mentorship from experienced individuals in the art world. The aim is help build the capacities of artists in three main areas, namely Thought Process, Expression and Outreach.

SAFIR has recently launched its’ Pilot Contemporary Artist Program and is currently accepting applications from both Middle Eastern Artists & Curators. To find out more about the program, its conditions and application forms visit our SAFIR Artist Program page.

If you are interested in finding out how you can join the SAFIR Community as a Mentor, please visit our SAFIR MENTORS page.

Another SAFIR Program, ARD or Art Research Digitization works to create an online archive of Syrian Contemporary Art and to make this information more accessible to the general public, art enthusiasts and educational institutions alike. SAFIR is in the process of collecting all forms of visual and written documentation such as videos, photos of artists and their artworks, writings and articles related to Syrian Contemporary Art to make them available on its ARD Page.

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